Ocean blue education has been created for the sole purpose of opening a door to ocean research for students and educators. This is no ordinary summer adventure. Our goal is to give young adults the chance to take part in a changing ocean world. Joined by our team of marine educators, students will set sail on an ocean adventure that will present new challenges, foster new skills and put them directly involved in ocean research.

Working in marine science is a unique experience that cannot be matched in the classroom. Whether you are a seasoned mariner or a first time ocean enthusiast- if you are looking to discover more about the ocean and the world of marine science, than Ocean Blue Education may be for you.

Creating a path for students and educators to dive into the adventure of ocean research and start making a change in our world.

Ocean Blue Education is dedicated to broadening people's worldview of the ocean. We believe in providing opportunities for the public to become involved with the ocean science community.We believe that young adults can make the biggest changes in the world if given the opportunity.

We believe that our oceans need our help and we must provide opportunities for change. We believe that hands on experiences are the key for young adults to learn about themselves and the world around them. We believe that by creating a bridge between students and ocean researchers, students will find direction and attain skills that will benefit them in future endeavors. NEXT