Baja: Coral Reef Ecology
Ages 15-18
July 28th -August 11th

Enjoy the “Best of Baja” from “base camp” Palapas Ventana, located in the small town of La Ventana just south of La Paz. Warm water, big fish, and uninhabited islands await you each morning as pangas are loaded up and launched to discover the underwater world in the Sea of Cortez. This marine oasis, home to species as small as plankton and as large as whales, once prompted Jacques-Yves Cousteau to call the Sea of Cortez the “aquarium of the world.”

Core Curriculum:
SCUBA & Snorkeling
Cerralvo Island, situated 9 miles off Palapas Ventana’s shores, is a hot spot for diving. Diving offshore and around Cerralvo is a heart pounding adventure filled with enormous snapper, grouper, and playful sea lions.
Each year some of the largest pelagics on earth come to the warm waters in Baja. You might cross paths with breaching mantas, hungry tuna, sleeping billfish and gulping whale sharks while exploring this productive ocean inlet.
Ocean Research
Ocean Blue students will continue the quest to help monitor our ocean ecosystems as Reef Check ecodivers. Students will also help local researchers with their ongoing sea turtle project.
Trip Highlights Include:
1) Diving Cerralvo Island 2) Pilot Whales & Pelagics 3) Turtle Research Project