USA & Hawaii

Hawaii Whale Week
Open Enrollment for Adults and Families.
February 13th-19th 2011

It's Whale season and Ocean Blue has teamed up with Whale Trust, Reef Check and Hawaiian Rafting Adventures to put together a once in a lifetime trip this February. Join us for 6 full days of up-close whale watching, diving, photography, and a whole lot of FUN.

Hawaii Coral Reef Ecology
Ages 12-14
July 12th- July 26th 2010
Join us this summer on an extraordinary expedition to the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui. Students will discover much on Maui and the nearby island of Lanai by participating in exciting programs including diving a manta ray cleaning station and a sunrise hike through Haleakala's volcanic crater. Students will also experience the island's Aloha spirit and give back to Hawaii by participating in a coral research project on Lanai.